The EarlyPrint Lab offers a range of tools for the computational exploration and analysis of English print culture before 1700. We apply these tools to a corpus of more than 60,000 early English printed documents, roughly 1.65 billion words.

We intend the Lab as a provocation, not a finished toolkit. By exposing the corpus of early printed texts at scale we hope to defamiliarize familiar texts and invite exploration of unfamiliar ones.

The tools and visualizations collected here offer perspectives on the corpus that invite users to probe early English discursive history in ways that complement the search capabilities of EEBO-TCP and the Oxford English Dictionary.


The EarlyPrint Lab aims to render EEBO-TCP more tractable for quantitative historical analyses by virtue of some intensive reprocessing of the TCP texts and their metadata. The Lab team is led by Anupam Basu and Joseph Loewenstein, with Douglas Knox, John Ladd, and Stephen Pentecost. The EarlyPrint Lab site is supported by the Humanities Digital Workshop at Washington University in St. Louis.