Annotations in Context

Selecting Review from the top-level menu brings you to a page listing existing annotations in context. This view provides an alternative to paging through a text to see which pages have suggested corrections on them, and also allows annotators to keep track of the status of their own suggestions. The list appears in the center of the page, with a Text Filter form on the left, and an Annotation Filter on the right. The Text Filter is identical to the one on the Texts page, and you will find more about it how it works here.

The Annotation Filter allows you to filter which annotations are displayed by Status, Creator, and Modifier:

The Status may be Pending, Accepted, Rejected, or unselected (meaning any status). The Creator is the username of whoever initiated the annotation, and the Modifier is whoever last changed it, such as the editor who marked it as accepted or rejected. If you would like to see the status of all of your own corrections, enter your own username as the Creator and leave the Status unselected. To see all unreviewed suggestions from a particular user, enter Pending as the status and the corrector’s username as the Creator.

If there are selections in both the text filter and the annotation filter, the filters are combined, but they may be cleared independently. For example, if you select an individual text in the text filter and Pending in the annotation filter, you will see only pending annotations in the list. If you then clear the annotation filter, the list will then show all annotations for the text regardless of their status.